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of the energy 


With the backing of institutional capital, RNA Energy is on a mission to develop and build a portfolio of solar and storage projects to power the UK with cheap, clean, and reliable energy.

Powering the future with solar

Located in some of the sunniest areas of the UK, our 1GW pipeline of solar projects will begin construction in 2021.  These range from 5MW projects connected into the local 11kV substation, to 400MW+ projects at the heart of the energy network. 

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Keeping the lights on with battery energy storage 

Our first two 50MW battery storage projects will start providing vital balancing services to the national grid in 2022.  With more on the way, these projects will improve grid reliability and start reducing the cost of electricity for all.  

Delivering a net zero future 

The RNA Energy team is highly experienced and passionate about building the clean energy infrastructure needed for a net zero future.