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At the forefront of the Energy Revolution 

With the backing of institutional capital, RNA Energy is developing and building out a portfolio of solar and smart storage projects to deliver clean energy and grid balancing services to the grid.


The RNA Energy team is highly experienced and passionate about building the clean energy infrastructure needed for a net zero future.  We have a deep understanding of the challenges faced in maintaining grid stability and security of supply and are committed to provide the necessary solutions to overcome these.

Clean energy infrastructure

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Solar Projects

Powering the clean energy future 

RNA Energy is developing a portfolio of subsidy free solar projects in the UK.  The sites are focussed in the south-east to maximise energy yield and aim to minimise grid connection costs by selecting sites in close proximity to grid connection points.  Each site will incorporate battery energy storage to enable energy to be delivered to the grid when it's needed most - during peak times.  This avoids solar energy flooding the network when demand is low and clean energy being curtailed.


As an experienced project developer, we specialise in engaging with landowners and working with them to deliver projects that work for all parties.  This has led to us building up 200MW+ of sites in a short period of time. 

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Battery Energy Storage

Helping to keep the lights on

We have developed a pipeline of large scale battery storage projects (up to 50MW) that will provide vital balancing services to the national grid whilst reducing the cost of electricity for all.  These services will help to maintain a robust grid network and allow more renewable energy generation to power the UK. 

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